Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nerd Week Day 2: a Box of Star Trek TNG Season 3

Not every post can be a Fresh Prince. Sometimes there must be an Urkel post, that being a post that is just a little (lot) bit nerdy. I happen to have a few such posts waiting in the wings, so I figure why not shoot them all over the Internet in a single week of unforgiveable nerdiness I am lazily referring to as “Nerd Week.” Enjoy!

I bought this box a few months ago in a Dave & Adam’s binge. It was only six bucks, and my curiosity got the best of me. Plus Season Three was so good – new uniforms, the return of Beverly, everybody starts having (or building) offspring, the seeds of numerous continuing storylines, and an absolute explosion in general character development.

Let’s look at the inserts first:

The big pulls from this set seem to be foil weapon art cards and embossed character cards. I pulled a Klingon disruptor as my weapon art card, a reasonably cool-looking card with a fun Klingon aesthetic. The one Klingon aesthetic there ever was and ever will be is a lot of pointy things in red and black. Sometimes brown, too.

The character cards include a pair of the cutest ladies ever to grace a deck of the Enterprise D, Data’s daughter Lal and Worf’s special lady, K'ehleyr. Both characters are super adorbs and possess high butt-touchability. While K'ehleyr has that tall, athletic, lobster-headed she-beast thing going for her, I’m more of a fan of android-next-door Lal’s sporty bangs and ability to use contractions.

There were also a few cards in every pack that featured little foil Federation logos. With no research at all I gleaned that each season’s set of cards concentrated on two regular cast members, giving each their own small subset. Season three included Mr. Worf whose Alexander and Dad-being-a-traitor-to-the-Empire-at-the-Battle-of-Khitomer storylines began this season. The other is Beverly who had just come back to the show after being replaced by Dr. Pulaski in Season Two. Good to have her back, too. Nothing against Pulaski, but Beverly fills out a jumpsuit like no other ginger MILF I’ve ever seen.

Here's the base set:

Star Trek Season Three Title Card

For the purposes of the set, the Season is divided up into three-card runs, one run per episode from that season.  The checklist design is reminiscent of the computer interfaces from the show.  Pretty cool.

The base cards are exactly what you would expect: screen shots taken from episodes back before high-def was a thing. They’re grainy and of questionable quality, and they make the show appear dorkier than I remember it ever being.  The superimposition against a spacy background also comes across a little campy (like the show itself), so I absolutely love it.

The space shots featuring ships look a lot better than the character cards. The same was true in the show as well. You have to admit that for its time, the special effects of Next Gen were pretty outstanding.

Did Geordi get some?  Yeah, I like to think he did.

Did Picard hook up with Vash?  Yeah, pretty certain about that one.

That Menage-a-Troi card is amazing on so many levels.  Great scene.  There's Lal again, looking cute as can be.  She ended up playing Lizzie McGuire's mom.  I didn't already know that - IMDB told me when I checked to make sure she wasn't underage so I could be legally attracted to her.  She was 28.  Phew.

Anyhoo, I was able to pull two complete sets out of that box.  How often does that happen with baseball boxes?  I also got a stack of dupes.  They're yours for the claiming, gentle reader.

Am I going to collect the other Seasons?  Not actively.  I guess I wouldn't turn them down if I happened upon them at some point.  Perhaps I'll find a super cheap box at a show or something.  Can't count that out.  But no, I'm not in active pursuit of them.  That's like a whole other level.

See you tomorrow, fellow nerds!

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