Monday, February 4, 2013

Trade With Cards on Cards

Kerry over at Cards on Cards and I swapped some stuff.  I think he's in cleanup mode because he also sent me a criz-azy number of Saints football cards.  Plus he's doing that Basketball card giveaway thing, and I joined up for the Hornets.  Dude is shelling out more cardboard than a.....
File:Box factory 1.png

In exchange I sent him a hairy man-stack of Cardinals, Ozzie (Smith not Canseco), Tim Lincecum, Larry Walker, Troy Tulowitski and whatever else I had of the players on his list.  But enough about me......

These are proof that New Orleans can host a Superbowl and not screw the whole thing up.  I assure you, every local within eyeshot of that power outage slapped their foreheads all at once.  Yeah, it's true.  We may be a third-world country, but we know how to party....

All these guys are legends in this town.  They never won a super bowl (with the Saints, at least), or even a playoff game (most of them), but we love these guys.  It was great seeing them in card form.

These two especially brought a smile to my face.  Jim Mora was an institution here.  Check this out if you have 2.5 minutes:

That's Ron Swoboda.  He still does sports in New Orleans.  I once met Hoda Kotb when I worked at the mall here.  I told her that if she married him, her name would be Hoda Swoboda (not kidding).

Anyway, baseball cards, eh? 

That '87 Topps mini is a killer.  And that Donruss on the top showing Griffey chunking the deuce is also pretty baddass.

I must say that any card showing my guy in a White Sox uniform is a little off-putting, but it's a Griffey, so it's still arguably the best card ever made.

That's not even all he sent me - just a smattering of choice examples.

They will each have a place of honor within the sacred binders of Griffeyhood where their Griffeyness will remain unspoiled and acid-free.

Thanks for all the cardboard, Kerry!  I've already started putting aside more stuff for ya!

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