Monday, November 24, 2014

A Trade Post From the Dollar Store

The more Griffeys I amass, the higher the cost of the ones I need; and I've been really embracing the set collector in me as the average cost of new Griffeys has been slowly climbing.  I've even gone ahead and added a whole page of set needs as you can see above (shameless plug), and it has not gone unnoticed.  Repack-master Doug of the always excellent Sportscards from the Dollar Store sent me the last seven cards I needed to complete my master set of 1991 Studio:

When I say "master set," I think I mean every single gettable card of any type for this set.  That's what I always kind of assumed that meant.  There are no more base cards nor promos that aren't represented in the binder - they're all there!  It's my first and possibly my last "master set."

Doug also acknowledged a few of my lesser-known wants such as T.J.'s and a Clutterbuck!  I never get these!

Not to mention a few from my actual favorite hockey player, T.J. Oshie.  There aren't many New Orleanians who can claim they know a single hockey player name let alone have a favorite, but Mr Oshie's been my guy since I saw him in a game against the Blue Jackets a few years back (before the Olympics that helped make him more famous).  I'm still on the hunt for a jersey....

Doug also included a pair of New Orleans players, the first being Mr. Colston here...

...and the second being this lovely Pistol Pete parallel #/60!  Pete remains the PC that is least acknowledged by other bloggers.  I suppose he just doesn't have that many cards, and not many baseball guys collect basketball.  So when one of these comes in the mail I get all fuzzy.

Thanks for the amazing trade package, Doug!  I've got some Delgado and Mookie love coming your way soon enough!

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  1. Seeking information regarding a very rare 89 Griffey Jr. UD misprint/error card.
    With a black & white Bob Welch photo on the reverse side. Any feedback would be great, thanks.