Sunday, November 30, 2014

Voulez-Vous Echangez Avec Moi Ce Soir?

Kevin, mon frere d'une autre mere, has exploded onto the blog scene lately with his numerous 90's box breaks and silly post titles.  He's also making overseas trade look easy.  I got a little box of butterscotch Jello (literally) from him full of cardboard, and it's all quality over quantity.

First and foremost, the above two cards are both rare and stunning additions to my Buhner PC and my King Felix hit collection.  The Felix is #/18 and has a massive relic on it.  And we all know how tough gold signatures are to come across.  Wowwee.

Kevin threw in a couple of Juniors, too, which is hella-generous considering Kevin is also a Griffey man.  I can't get enough of that weird folding Collector's Choice insert on the right (that's the back).  I might actually unfold this one even though it seems wrong to break the seal.

To top it all off, Kev included a pair of unique action shots from '93 Upper Deck, a set that is renowned for its unique action shots.

Great stuff, Kevin!  I've already been hoarding Blue Jays for you.  I'll shoot 'em off to France as soon as my second mortgage goes through (just kidding, but shipping is expensive, non?).


  1. Glad you liked those couple of cards ! They key to paying less postage is to send the cards as a simple letter instead of a package. If asked, just say it's documents inside and not merchandise, and of course don't make any customs declaration. And voilà !
    We don't have butterscotch pudding here. We don't even have pudding (or jell-o for the matter). I have to buy them online for about five times what it costs you. CHemical food has a price

  2. I have no idea how we've managed to survive as a people (yeah I know, it's thanks to Americans blablabla)