Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wallet Card Wednesday: Four Seasons Edition

I’m no snob, nor am I a wealthy man. But I had to go to Texas for three nights, and my company was footing the bill. It just so happened that the hotel closest to where I would be working was a Four Seasons golf resort. Not my fault, but having never stayed in a “fancy” hotel, I thought I’d take a few Wallet Card photos to remember it by.

The grounds were stunning, surrounded by golf course and well-kept shrubbery. The cars in the parking lot were all Audi’s, Porsche’s, and Lexi with a few rental cars mixed in. I was greeted by every employee I came across, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t open a single door (except for my room door) the whole time I was there.

In the room was this tray of fancy snacks with a menu that somehow included double-digit prices. There was a grocery store a quarter mile from this very spot where one could purchase all these snacks for the price of just that beef jerky. I was a long way from home.

I honestly couldn't tell you what all those chaise lounges are for.

To me, hotels mean vacation. Parents greasy from sunscreen in shorts and sunglasses chasing after wet kids in inflatable rings dripping their way across the lobby. Chlorine smell, overloaded strollers, Mickey ears, that kind of thing. This was nothing like that. I did not swim, nor did anyone else, it seemed; so the swimming area was pristine. There were no kids anywhere at all - just a lot of silver-haired, over-40’s men in sport coats and a handful of ladies in cocktail dresses or power suits. I’m not sure what they thought of my “The Dude Abides” shirt which I wore in the lobby only once. The rest of the time I was usually wearing a suit, so I didn’t feel too underdressed.

When I got to the room each night, however, it became all about me-time. The suit came off, I made liberal use of the complementary bathrobe (or didn’t), and the room service lady had to restock my bubble bath every single night. I was able to hook my laptop up to the flatscreen and watch movies. I even had a meal allowance that was nowhere near what I would normally spend, but I vowed I would find a way.

I don’t remember the exact cost of this meal, but I can tell you that can of Coke was four bucks.
My last night there I took a walk across the golf course to a nearby shopping center. There was a liquor store (you can’t buy alcohol in grocery stores here?) and a small barbecue restaurant, so I loaded up on beer and food and made my way back to the hotel.

This is the kind of thing I was hoping to have in Texas. I made a huge mess tearing meat from bone over that white carpet. I giggled at how funny the sauce splotched styrofoam container looked in the shiny brass trash receptacle.

I really do miss that tub, though.



  2. Another awesome #WalletCard post!

  3. I think this is the first bathtub shot I have ever seen on a card-blog. :-)

    Work travel can be really fun. My normal tastes are more in the "Holiday Inn Express" range, but staying at a Ritz-Carlton can be pretty eye-opening. Like you mentioned, the service at the high-end places is EXCEPTIONAL.