Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Infamous 2007 Upper Deck Game-Chewed Gum Relic

I try to stick with whole-set posts when I can, but I was so excited about this particular get that I just had to throw this post together and show you guys. Get ready to pee your pants with jealousy, kittens, because this thing is freakin' EPIC:

2007 Upper Deck Game-Chewed Gum Relic #UD-KG #/5

The rumors were true. I'm happy to say that this Hall of Fame wad does not disappoint.

I've been trying to pin down the brand of gum Junior chews from this sample. I originally suspected Big League Chew, but there is a certain pliability that is missing in the surface area of the wad that suggests this thing is sugar-free, a wise choice as Junior's success gut was at its peak around this time.

Being the dedicated cardboardologist I am, I took it to the next level and removed a tiny sample from the main wad for a once-over. The flavor remains surprisingly intact, and this thing chews more like Orbit than, say, a Super Bubble or a Wrigley's. That also follows given the time period Junior chewed this particular gum. You remember the commercials, right? Cuz I sure as hell do.

Hubba Bubba, amiright?

If you look really hard you can see a lil' chunk of popcorn kernel that must have been stuck in Junior's molar, possibly from a matinee of Shrek the Third given the time period. You can't deny it - this is as close to the game as you can get. Maybe a little too close.


  1. Wait so you chewed parts of that already chewed gum?

  2. Check out the Topps Twitter feed. They're now offering a 2020 Clayton Kershaw player-chewed gum relic (it's actually a pretty cool-looking card). They're also offering a Hockey version and WWE version (with different relics of course). Check 'em out. Hopefully Topps will give UD some credit for the gum idea. :)

  3. I wonder if it's the same gum he used to blow the bubble on his 95 Pinnacle card.

  4. did you do a DNA test on it to make sure it was really used by Ken..... ;)