Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Few From the Nachos Grande Trade Stack

I claimed the Nachos Grande trade stack.  Chris should know that I cannot control my Griffey-lust.  Frankly it’s cheating for him to post them as there aren’t many Griffey cards my addiction will not insist I take.  Shame on you, Chris, for taking advantage of my condition like that.  Here’s what I got:

This card is the reason I pulled the trigger.  I like how Griffey doesn’t have to share his square.  He went first-class while those other guys are ridin' coach.  Muscly, muscly coach.

I also got one of my favorite cards from theis year's Ginter set: comedian Abe "Fish" Vigoda.  Abe has been in everything from The Godfather to Look Who's Talking.

...and the rest.

Thanks, Chris!  If a trade stack ever goes on for too long, just throw a Griffey in there and I'll come a-runnin'.

Also there are still free baseball cards available here.  Everybody go claim some...

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