Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Incredible Luck With 2013 Topps Update

I have not bought much Update at all.  The reason for that is I only really want the Griffeys, and they are few and far between.  That doesn't mean I haven't bought any, but I have no plans to invest in, say, a whole hobby box.

The real prizes consist of an SP Griffey, an SSP Griffey, and an SP Tony Gwynn that happens to feature Griffey.  The eBay prices on all three of these cards are super high, so I figured I shouldn't get my hopes up for pulling any of them from a pack.

Yet it seems that when I do spend money on Update, I get hits.  Good hits.  This has never been my luck, so I'm inclined to show you what I'm talking about.

My first taste of Update was a pair of rack packs from Wal-Mart, cost: $10.00.  The first was OK, but the second had this:

I'll admit that I'm not very familiar with this guy and will probably end up trading it, but it's still better than most packs I've opened of just about any 2013 product.  I was pleased.

My next acquisition came from a jumbo box group break run by Red Sox Fan in Nebraska, total cost: $10.00  I ended up with the Mariners and the Giants.  Here are my hits from that:

Two amazing King Felix relics.  I've never had so much success from a group break.  How nice is that pin card?

I stopped at my local card shop on Friday and picked up a pair of hobby packs on the way out, cost: $4.00.  I opened them in the car and pulled this:

I am a huge fan of the Wizard, so I was ecstatic to land this bad boy.  Great-looking card.

A few hours ago I was at a Wal-Mart making groceries.  I wasn't going to buy any cards at all.  I wanted to just check out and go, but just before it was my turn to start loading items onto the conveyor belt I asked the lady behind me in line to watch my cart and ran to the card rack.  I decided on a hangar box, cost: $10.00.

It turned out to be the best hangar box I ever bought.

I'm so glad my wife wasn't home to see me dork out of this awesome pull.  One SP down, three to go. 

And that's not all.  Check out the blue-borders I got:

Those all came from the same box.  Amazing.

A mini Trout.  Throw it back! (fishing joke)

I need a Pirates collector to trade with.  I pull so many great Pirates cards.

Just a bunch of good-looking cards.  I think the photography in this Update set trumps the flagship set in many ways.

 A few more nice cards.

In all I've spent about $35.00 on Update.  That Gwynn/Griffey SP card alone is going for $60.00.  Should I count my blessings and call it a day, or keep on buying packs of Update?  There are two more SP Griffeys out there somewhere, and I have yet to pick up a blaster...


  1. That's some massively good luck there! The Gwynn/Griffey SP is an awesome card.

  2. MAN! That Gwynn card is awesome! I will ALWAYS prefer the early 90's versions of the M's and Pads over the current incarnations. But maybe it's just that I always relate those uniforms to those two players. Congrats on the great stuff!

  3. I really liked that pin card too. I am glad it went to someone who appreciates it. Glad you enjoyed the cards.

  4. Nice! I need to get myself one of those Ozzies. The blue Wacha card is on my hitlist, too, but I am going to have to wait until the buzz dies down on him before I actually try to collect more of his cards. Yikes.

    I've spent about $30 on Update, plus I bought one of those silly Chrome bonus box things. I would say my best pulls were an Andrew McCutchen SP, a Joba Chamberlain (ugh, I guess?) camo parallel and a Puig base card. I have a stupid feeling I will end up buying more, though, because there's a ton of Cards stuff in it.

  5. Funny story: since writing this post Ihave pulled another Herrera auto - same exact card.