Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Super Duper Short Prints of 2008 Allen and Ginter (Nachos Grande BBC Rd. 3)

This is my entry for Round 3 of the Nachos Grande Blogger Bracket Challenge.  Feel free to go there and vote for your favorite post if you're so inclined.  I'm up against Brian from the excellent blog Play at the Plate who already wrote a hilarious post about the card below.

There are no ballplayers here, but there is one grandma.  She was not harmed in the making of this post.
Also none of the following cards were ever manufactured by Topps.  Their products continue to be excellent and of the highest quality.  All visual effects were done with MS Paint.


The Super Duper Short Prints of 2008 Allen & Ginter

Allen and Ginter has become a favorite among many collectors since its reintroduction by Topps in 2006.  One of the more noticeable attributes of the set is the inclusion of many non-baseball cards.  Here is one such card:

It's a pretty cool card, too.  It shows the classic image of the original monster truck as driven by Top Gear's The Stig,  What a refreshing idea.  

Cards were also made for the likes of Wild Bill Hickok and Mary Shelley, neither baseball players but both still somehow better at baseball than Ozzie Canseco.  And as in most modern sets, Topps made tons of special "short print" cards.  Here's the "SP" of that Bigfoot card:



As you can see they did this one in the original Allen & Ginter design from before the focus groups insisted Topps make the design "less about the brand."  

This card hides a special surprise, too.  Look closely at the driver.  Can you see it?  Here's a close-up:

Bigfoot driving Bigfoot.  Topps loves a good play on words.  Or a bad one.

Of course, Topps did go a little overboard with the short prints in 2008, releasing so many that a lot of collectors aren't even aware of them all.  If you're one of those who hasn't seen them all, this is your lucky day.

At great personal expense, I have finally acquired all of the incredibly rare Super Duper Short Prints from the A&G 2008 set and scanned them all for your amusement.  Be warned, however: I think they were beginning to run out of ideas for cards, so they start to get a little weird.  I'll leave it at that. 

Check 'em out:






















  1. What about that one scene when they are fighting it out in old New York and John Conners grabs the television, swing it over his head and his Simon Phoenix with it and says "You're on TV!"?

    1. They couldn't pull off one-liners like that today...

    2. you're mixing your movies there pal!! John Conners fights human cyborgs in the Terminator series (as well as the Sara Conner Chronicles...). John spartan is the thawed-out barbarian that whoops up on Simon Phoenix in Demolition Man...

    3. Jeff is a good guy - I was gonna let it slide...

  2. From the 'left nipple' one on, I was dying. This was a simple concept, yet absolutely hysterical. Bonus points for throwing in a Demolition Man reference that doesn't involve the three seashells.