Tuesday, April 7, 2015

2 By Three-in-a-Row Hero: a Trade Post

Jeff of 2x3 Heroes is a madman. He launched three unanswered PWE's in my general direction, forcing me to smoosh them all together into one big PWE superpost. Jeff is awesome.

Jeff is a fellow doer of that thing where you write directly on the penny sleeve because the card you're sending has a subtle difference you don't want to go unnoticed. I do this all the time.

There was a time when I didn't care all that much for the image on this '91 Stadium Club card, but now that I'm so deeply immersed in the hobby and look at dozens if not hundreds of cards every day, it's finally grown on me. Finding it in Jeff's PWE made me stop and appreciate this card. What a great (apparently) candid shot.

Yes! People are still trading 2014 set needs. There's hope yet. I'm so behind...

As you can see, he hammered my set needs pretty hard.

But not quite as hard as he would have liked. Don't stress, bro. That want list was for my second Series 1 base set, anyway...

Fun Pack is fun! And that is one of the best shots of Jay Buhner's tar-stained hip ever committed to cardboard.

What set goes better with Fun Pack than Topps Kids? What a bizarre time that was for cardboard.

Lots more Griffeys, including one I didn't have! That Tradition checklist is all-new to me. Another great candid shot with the trademark backwards cap.

This last card is also from Fun Pack. Now I had thought I had completed the FP Griffey checklist; then comes this sky blue Mariners team scratcher (which shall go forever unscratched if I have anything to say about it) with names like Edgar, Tino, Buhner, and Dan Wilson? I didn't even know this was a thing. Good eye, Jeff. You bet I'm counting this one.

One last thing: Jeff sent a pair of those PWE's with some really weird stamps I've never seen. Looks like he was cleaning out a top drawer somewhere in his house. Who has 13 cent stamps? And Bicentennial? As in 1976? That may explain the 70's vibe of that Energy Conservation job. I'm keeping these, too.

Thanks a lot, Jeff! The love has been felt....

This photo taken on Bourbon St.