Friday, April 3, 2015

Zippy Zappy, Zippy Zappy, Oy Oy Oy: a Trade Post

I got Zippy Zapped. :-)

You know the drill.

I was extremely excited to receive a pair of Aaron Nola 1st Bowman cards. He was the Ace at LSU the last few seasons, and he's a heck of a talent. Here hoping he's a Phillies star in the next few seasons...

I know it's been talked about already, but Bowman really turned up the funk on their card backs. I love these visuals. Nola's college stats were insane, and I'm glad to see them translate so well to cardboard or whatever Bowman Chrome is made of.

ZZ also saw fit to include one of those great Spring Fever cards from 2013 Topps. Part of me wants to build the set. It's just so weird but also fun and colorful.

This was a treat, ZZ! I hope you dig the stuff I sent you last month, especially the car.

Oh, have your not heard? I sent ZZ a car. For reals.

...aaaand PUBLISH.


  1. Glad you liked the cards.

    I'm sorry it was a bit small compared to the Zappings I sent to other collectors, but rest assured. I now know how I can pay you back for that car, A-Rod goodies and that mardi gras bead necklace. Hopefully I don't whizz on the electric fence before I do.

    1. Puh-lease. I think that was my second unanswered Zapping in a row. You can just stick those sorrys in a sack!