Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ballin': an Underdog Trade Post

Over the past few weeks I've begun trading relations with a lot of new bloggers, most of whom I've been reading already for some time. Zach, aka the Underdog, is one of these.

Zach is a super nice dude with a lot of balls. So many, in fact, that he saw fit to send me this one. It's from the height of Cincy's excitement at getting one of the biggest stars in the game back to his hometown and into the footsteps of his Dad. There wouldn't be a repeat of the Big Red Machine days, sadly, but you can't fault their optimism at the time.

In the box with that ball was a card case which, when I slid it open, revealed that it only held one card: this ultra-thick manu-relic of Louisiana boy and PC, Vida Blue. That picture has been used before, but what a picture it is. No harm, no foul. I'm in lurve with this one.

Finally came this lovely framed Y.A. Tittle from Upper Deck Masterpieces. Tittle is a legend here for his time quarterbacking for the LSU Tigers. He went on to play pro football for 16 years. You don't see that very often anymore. A real iron man. Plus he's got a great name.

You are exactly right, Zach. I'll have some stuff out to you soon. Thanks a bunch!


  1. T.J.! You made my day in a few ways: I've wanted to get that ball sent off to you for years. I got it so many years ago, but when I found your blog back around 2011 or 2012, something like that, I knew I was just holding it for you. Seeing the cards made it to you and posted here is always awesome, that these cards found a new home in another collector's home. AND today is my birthday so it feels like a real synchronistic joy that you posted this today. Thanks, T.J.! Keep posting, you genius collector madman!

  2. Not a fan of manu-relics, but that Vide Blue card looks pretty cool.