Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bootylicious: Card Show, 2014 Topps, eBay, and LCS Booty Galore

I returned to the card show for the first time in two months yesterday.  My Griffey guy was not there, so I had to make do with what I could find in the unorganized boxes of other dealers that were there.  Luckily I have a reputation now, and one dealer put a Griffey aside for me that I couldn't pass up.

This is the rare 1st Day Production parallel from one of my favorite sets, '93 Stadium Club.  The price was right, so it was an easy yes.  I don't believe I'll be keeping this one in a binder, opting instead for one of those screwy screw cases.

That Flair on the left is one of those Section 2, Row 1, Seat 1 deals I still don't completely understand.  Apparently it's very fancy, though, and it was a value.  I may very well already own the one on the right, but who cares?  It's shiny.

I don't mention it often, but I'm a big McCovey fan.  I was also able to snag this one on the relative cheap.  This is my first vintage relic.

With so few Griffeys to buy, I decided to try out a theory on some packs of 2014 Series 1.  A dealer has a freshly-opened box and was selling packs 3 for $5.  You see, I think I have a system for getting the hits out of fresh boxes of 2014 Series 1 based on my experience with the hobby box I busted last week.  I bought just the top two packs from each of the four stacks of packs in the box.  Is my system valid?  Judge for yourself:

 Jhonny Peralta Letter Patch 1/1

Paul Goldschidt Clear Parallel #8/10

The rest of the inserts I got were pretty standard, but this is not bad for nine packs, right?

I miss getting excited about pulling Arod cards.

These last two are not inserts, but I did need them for completing my set.  I have yet to scour my cards for SP's, but I will let you know.

I also scored this guy on the bay in exchange for money:

That's the gold one #/99.  It's pretty cool, I guess.  I lucked into it at a low price.  I really want the framed '89 card and the rookie cup relic one.

I'll end with vintage because vintage is cool:

Forget that price tag - I got this at my LCS for a dollar.  One dollar.  Mr. Ryan is an alum of my high school, so I couldn't pass this one up.

Back to the Olympics!


  1. Wow! Great looking Griffey's! The Letter Patch is awesome, but that Clear Goldschmidt made my jaw drop! Nice pulls!

  2. Those clear parallels look and sound pretty awesome. I may have to bite if I see one on the cheap sometime.

  3. FYI, that Goldschmidt just went on eBay for $56.00. I had no idea....