Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hometown Heroes Heroes: a Tale of Two PWEs

I do try and make it a point to keep up with the latest releases, even when those releases don't contain any logos.  When I learned that my local Target store was selling 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes I thought, "It's not that big a set.  I'm sure to pull one of the several Griffeys from that brand in only a few packs."  And yet, pack after pack yielded no Griffeys.  Don't get me wrong, the cards are reasonably cool and make for excellent trade fodder, but what about the big picture?  I'm here for Griffeys, friends.  Griffeys.

I bought numerous more packs and even a jumbo pack from a card show but to no avail, I about gave up - I was ready to throw in the towel.  Translation: wait for someone else to pull the Griffey, package it, mail it to COMC, pay the 25 cents for processing, wait the 30 days for processing, then get around to pricing it, then after I buy it wait until I have an appropriate quantity purchased to have them all shipped, then wait for the shipping.  This is like a two month process, folks, and Daddy needs his fix.

Lucky for me we have a really great blogging community, because not one but two different bloggers sent me this gem via PWE in the same small amount of time.

Jon at Community Gum and Dime Box Nick both came through with this little beaut.  In fact they arrived only a day apart.

I would like to have seen a Cincinnati short print of this one.

Nick was also kind enough to throw in this early Mariners schedule featuring their newest superstar:

Thanks for feeding the habit, guys!  Jon, I don't remember if I've sent you stuff, but you're now on the list.  Nick, I've already got you covered, bro.  Thanks again!

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