Friday, February 7, 2014

Play at the Plate's Infamous Cardboard Hookup: a Trade Post

Brian from Play at the Plate is a lucky man.  We all wish we had a friend like his.  You never know what the guy is going to showcase on his blog next, but you know that you'll probably be a little jeals. 

It seems his friend has everything from cool vintage to blinged-out modern era stuff and everything in-between, and all at brother-in-law prices.  I very presumptuously requested that he snag any Griffeys he may come across next time he makes it over there, and he was kind enough to humor me.  He sent some excellent late-90's/early-00's Griffeys.  Here they are, hot off the scanner:

This card is made of steel.  I felt a difference immediately, then read the logo at the top and was like, "Whaaaaa?"  I dropped it onto a granite countertop from a height of one inch and it went "clang."  Super steely.  My wife bought a ham, and I had half a mind to slice off a hunk and with this very card.  I have half a mind about a lot of things.

This SP design was the last one I remember seeing before I stopped collecting, and I remember not being all that crazy about it.  I've come around, though.  Super thick with giant, bold gold stamps - it's unique.  Doesn't scan too well, but unique.  I love the set now.  Plus I needed that insert on the left, so these were especially welcome.

I know I've called the 1994 Upper Deck Griffey base card the "Superman card" in the past, but this '03 Topps Chrome is a close runner-up just for the color scheme and the shape of the inset picture.  I can't bring myself to make fun of Topps Chrome, guys.  It's awesome. 

I also think Leaf was at its best right before it stopped being made - case in point: that card on the left.

Thanks, Brian!  I already have a bunch of catcher cards saved up for your next trade package.