Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Early Candidate for Best Griffey Acquisition of 2014

I broke down and paid real money for a Griffey recently, and it's just so damn cool I couldn't help showing it off.  Without further ado:

2014 Topps Series 1 All Rookie Cup Team #TARC-8 Relic

Yeah, it's a manufactured relic, and there's a stigma that comes along with that; but it's just so awesome.  The card is no less than 15 base cards thick, so these must be really easy to spot for pack searchers.  It also weighs a ton.  And is that an eBay 1/1?  Why, yes it is.  I ended up with Junior's Cincy number.

There's a real Griffey rookie cup relic out there somewhere (1990 Topps), but there are only three, and I assume they are in the vaults of more prolific collectors than I.  This will have to do. 


  1. Very cool! I'll have to add that to my "someday" list that I keep for my collection. :)