Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Saw Red (Cardboard): a Trade Post

When I close my eyes and try to imagine what Matt from Red Cardboard looks like, I imagine this:

My mind's eye adds a grizzled neck beard and tight pants.

Matt's is one of my favorite blogs.  You may have seen his recent 800 posts to determine the greatest Reds card of all time.  That manly '57 Klu pictured above took the top spot after being seeded 17th.  Because of Matt I had no choice but to turn to eBay and snag one of my own.

He's also a solid trading partner.  I'm not sure who is ahead at this point, but I've always got a stack growing for him, and it seems he must have the same for me (ahem).  Here are a few he sent my way:

I recently came across a bunch of these in a mystery longbox, and I've given just about all of them away.  This is the first I've seen of the Griffey and it is a beaut.  Gotta love the brown/silver border.

I know it's hard for Matt to give away Cincy Griffeys, so these are appreciated.

These as well.  I didn't know Junior was born on the same day the phonograph came out.  He looks good for 131.

Check out this sweet Dessens.  The guy had 10 wins in....whatever year this card came out.  Stat leader!  I remember when homeboy would be, like, throwing strikes all the time, and the people'd be like "No messins wit Dessens!"  There's also another dude on this card somewhere, but whatevs.  Dessens!  #dessensHOF

Thanks again, Matt!  I'll have more Redlegs out to you soon enough...

"Go Reds."


  1. 2001 was not exactly a banner year in Cincy. Elmer lead this mammoth rotation: Dessens, Chris Reitsma, Lance Davis, Jose Acevedo, Osvaldo Fernandez. Yeesh.

    And yes, I look exactly like Ted Kluszewski.

  2. Junior took grief for wearing a backwards cap at the home run derby and this knuckle head thought sleeves were optional?