Monday, September 1, 2014

Neat New Griffey Things

As the title suggests, here is a handful of neat new Griffey things.  Enjoy!

I was getting something framed when I came across this great collage frame for super cheap.  Naturally, I picked it up and stuffed it with Griffey cards.  All of these are duplicates that I mounted in their penny sleeves, so I have no need to remove them from the Griffey counts.  Is this maybe a little obsessive?  Nah...

1999 Upper Deck Retro was sold in metal lunch boxes.  This is a novel idea that I'm surprised no one else has done.  The condition is solid for being 15 years old, and the coloration is classy and attractive.  I miss you, Upper Deck.

Last but not least is this trio of 1998 SPx Finite Samples.  The red is #/2500 and the other two are #/10000.  I don't know the backstory behind these (samples that are actually numbered?). but they're really cool and look great together in the binder.

Sorry to all you Griffey loyalists out there for the recent expansion of my horizons into into the non-Griffey realm (Cavalcade of Keepers, new PC announcement and such).  I assure you I still have a very unhealthy obsession with Griffey cards and will continue to do so.

Thanks for reading!

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