Monday, September 29, 2014

The Felix Hernandez Hits Keep Coming

I'm not a team collector, a Mariners collector, nor a Felix Hernandez collector; but sometimes the Universe insists you collect somebody.  A guy's cards keep finding their way into your hands, and it's only a matter of time before you just have to lay back and let it happen.  That guy for me is Felix Hernandez.

It started with this card.  As a Griffey collector I always take the Mariners in a group break.  This here was one of the big hits of that particular box.  Ultra-thick and heavy as hell, this huge, manu-tastic mini-box of a card is shiny and colorful on a level that says, "Seriously, bro?  You don't plan on keeping me?"  I must admit I was waiting for a King Felix fan to come claim it from me.  Not anymore.

One Felix hit in a group break is nothing to write home about, but two in a row?  This came from the very next group break I took part in.  It's a really cool relic, too.  Where most jersey relics come with a disclaimer that the jersey is from no particular game, we all know which one this blue relic came from.  It's a unique, great-looking card, but I would have liked to see a picture from the All-Star Game.

Here is the first and only relic I've ever pulled from a pack of Allen & Ginter.  By this point I was not even a little surprised as to who it was.  An attractive design that is simple to its own detriment.

At this point I began storing my Hernandez cards together the way I would if I actually collected the guy.  Would I cross the threshold from simple hit-getter to player collector?

Kinda.  I found this baby on eBay, and for the first time I spent actual money on a Felix Hernandez card.  I just couldn't pass it up.  The dark relic, the amazing picture, the overall beauty of the card - I knew right away it had to be mine.  Oh, and the little relic window reminds me of the massive doorway the ships fly into on the space carriers in the movie Dune.

So I suppose I'm an unofficial King Felix collector now, but only the hits.  If anybody has a King Felix hit and you're not sure what to do with it, consider it Junior Junkie trade fodder.  I'm hoping to get enough relics to sew a proper jersey.  Then stick a giant manu-relic pin on it.


  1. That Tribute King Felix is awesome. What a great shot.

  2. That last card is absolutely perfect !
    I'm getting a whole bunch of bat relics so we can play some pepper ball with that jersey of yours

  3. Oh good - now I know what to do with this colored '14 A&G Felix mini relic I pulled.