Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Purge Part 2: All Sales Final

This is the fifth in a series of posts about one massive box of Griffey cards.  Here is Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4,

That’s it. The Kenner Lot is sold and shipped. In the end someone ended up using the Buy It Now option for $520.00 plus free shipping, and just like that I was officially 4,204 Griffeys poorer.

It’s OK, though. This was the plan all along. Let’s not get upset.

The buyer is Justin who lives in Georgia.  Justin ended up paying 12.37 cents per Griffey by using the BIN option, but once you factor in the free shipping and eBay and Paypal fees I’m going to pay here, I'm really ending up with just over 9.7 cents per card. That’s about right for eBay Griffey lots.

The fun part of all this was the packing and shipping of so many cards while also keeping them safe and damage-free. Here’s a look at how I made this happen:

1. Pack ‘em tight

There was barely enough space in the box for all the Griffeys. This was actually a blessing as restricting movement is the key to getting these cards to their destination safely. I used as many top loaders as I could fit and lined each of the rows with even more top loaders. On top I threw a sheet of large-bubble wrap as well as a little note for Mr. Justin with a few bonus cards.

Oh, and I decorated it a little.

2. Wrap it up

I taped all the edges closed then wrapped the whole shebang in many horizontal and vertical layers of plastic wrap. This way I can be sure that rain and/or moisture will not be a problem.

3. "Box"

There is no perfect box for this thing, so I simply wrapped many more layers of super-thick craft paper around the whole thing and sliced the ends so they could be folded in. A little more tape (a whole lot, really - I essentially laminated the box with tape) and we were good to go.

"Let it go."

4. The End

Here is where I physically brought the box to the Post Office for mailing. It was my last opportunity to change my mind. And what did I do?

I mailed the damn thing, of course.

So that’s it. All those lovely cards are gone for good, but I feel comforted by an eBay message from Justin that they will be in good hands.  Good on you, Justin.  Enjoy the cards...


  1. Well done! Glad you found a good home for all the doubles.

  2. I saw that the box had sold. Congrats on having the cojones to go through with it. If I ever had a PC get to that size I don't know if I'd be able to do the same.

    1. I was strongly questioning my motives. And my resolve. It's OK, though - this money will fund a roundtrip plane ticket to go visit friends in New York. Worth it.

  3. Congratulations! That's a lot of pocket change for future Griffey purchases.

  4. Indy should have gone for the Grail. He would have made it.

    1. No one man can wield the Grail, Corey. It is too powerful.