Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Box of 2014 Finest

I knew when I saw the design for Finest this year I would be buying some.  I had the day off and called my LCS.  He had one box, and I took it.  It's the first box I've ever busted right there in the shop.  My hope was to pull a Griffey auto which is the only Griffey you can hope to get.  The box contained two mini-boxes (pictured above), each with one auto.  So, was one of those auto's the Griffey?

No it was not.  Here is the pair of autos I pulled.  I appreciate the on-cardness of these autos, and that Michael Choice one is a blue refractor.  Meh.  At least the cards look good.

I am crazy about the 90's throwback inserts in this set.  Here is the Abreu refractor of the Sterling insert based on the '96 design.  Gorgeous.

I also pulled a few of the '94 throwback insert, one of my favorite Finest base card designs.  They even copied the original card back designs perfectly.  Bravo.

A pretty card, for sure, but nothing particularly spesh.  We've all seen cards like this before.

The Warriors die-cut refractors, another 90's insert, look great.  Very fancy.

Here are a few of my refractors.  One issue with these cards is that they are so colorful as-is that it's impossible to tell what color refractor you have.  You have to go by what the card is numbered out of.  Mr. Donaldson is a gold refractor, Johnson is a green, and Castellanos is a blue.

I also pulled a pair of xfractors, including one of the more sought-after rookies in the set, Masahiro Tanaka.  These look ca-razy.

Here are the regular refreactors, a nice mix of stars.  The refractors really do look fantastic.

Here's a clutch of base cards for you to enjoy:

I'm not crazy about what I pulled, guys, but I am a big fan of this set.  The packs really were a blast to open.  I'll keep a few and put the rest on eBay.

Here's the Griffeys I need from 2014 Finest:

Autographed Finest Greats #FGA-KG
Autographed Finest Greats #FGA-KG Xfractor #/199
Autographed Finest Greats #FGA-KG Blue Refractor #/125
Autographed Finest Greats #FGA-KG Black Refractor #/99
Autographed Finest Greats #FGA-KG Gold Refractor #/50
Autographed Finest Greats #FGA-KG Red Refractor #/25
Autographed Finest Greats #FGA-KG Atomic Refractor #/5
Autographed Finest Greats #FGA-KG Superfractor 1/1
Autographed Finest Greats #FGA-KG Printing Plate 1/1 (four total, one per color)

Ho hum.


  1. I give Topps a whole lot of credit for Finest this year. Beautiful. I can only pray they start popping up in dime boxes soon.

  2. If you haven't already put them on Ebay, shoot me a price on the Rangers cards.

  3. I haven't seen these in person, but they look awesome in every photo I've seen. Love that Tanaka!

  4. Love the looks of this year's Finest! The '89 refractor inserts are my early fave, but the throwback to the Finest designs of yore are definitely tempting, too.

  5. I am interested in the Tigers you pulled. If you haven't put them on ebay, let's work something out.

  6. The more I see, the more I want to buy a box. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'd be very interested to know what you consider the top ten griffey cards of all time. Favorites and significant. Next blog post?

    1. This is a tall order. There are so many, but I guess I'm the guy to do it. I'll start putting a list together...

  8. I have nothing else to say other than I really, really love this set. If I had a real LCS in the area, I would have been over there by now begging them for a box.