Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DBN PWE: a Trade Post

It's ironic that someone who sends such quality as Dime Box Nick receives such quantity.  People just throw cardboard at him (myself included) because I suppose we all know he can handle it.  What's more, he can get it to the right people.  There's nothing worse than not knowing what to do with an awesome card you have no need for.  Nick knows the bloggers.  He will get it to them.  You just need to get it to him.

Nick sent me one of my first cameo cards.  He also let me know that these are known as "cameo" cards.  That Sandy Alomar is awesome in just about every way a card can be awesome.  I was also excited about that Fleer Gamers insert I'd never encountered before.  Dinged edge and all, it's now in the binders being awesome.

Oddballs!  I assume DBN pulled these from one of his boxes.  I'll never have time nor access to said boxes, so it's nice having someone out there helping to fight the good Griffey fight, that being the fight against not having lots of Griffeys.

Finally we have a couple of excellent PC additions.  The Buhner is a 90's Upper Deck insert I only had the Griffey of.  On the left is a game card from back when Ron Kittle was relevant (I think it's from '85?).  I often wonder if I'd be such a Kittle fan were it not for his awesome math teacher specs.  Prob not.

Thanks for yet another quality envelope, Nick!  If I posted as regularly as you, you'd have read this weeks ago.  Keep up the good work!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed! One of the few problems with dime boxes is that sometimes you find cards with dinged corners like that Gamers insert. I'll be keeping an eye out for more Griffeys (and others) to send your way!