Wednesday, August 20, 2014

COMC Whoppers

There are a bunch of Griffeys on COMC that have been making my mouse finger twitch for some time, and this past week I finally pulled the trigger on a whole bunch of 'em.  Buyer's remorse be damned!

It's Griffey time:

I've been drooling for this one ever since the first time I saw it atop PATP's blog.  What a concept.  I'm kind of surprised it's only been done the once.  Tough find, but I finally landed her.

This one, too - a very difficult card to land.  The whole insert set is just impossible to pin down.  I pulled the Frank Thomas from a pack back in '98, and while I love it I always really wanted the Griffey.  How much did I want it?

Well, the seller had this up for $15.24, but I thought that was a little steep, so I offered $10.  And wouldn't you know it?  The seller upped the price to $20.24 and counter-offered at $15.24, the original price.  Normally I would say to hell with him, but I really wanted this thing.  I countered at $12.25, almost splitting the difference.  I didn't expect him to take it, and I was right.  He countered at $14.25.  I called it a win and accepted.  Now here it sits on my scanner.  Happy day!

This is a really beautiful insert I could never find for a good price, and I still haven't.  I paid a premium for this card because of the numeration.  I consider it worth it, though.

Here's two of my favorite Griffey card backs:

That Peter Max back is amazing and different on every card in the set.  And the Gold Leaf Stars?  It's number ten.  Ten....out of 10,000.  I just think that's really cool.

While I'm not that crazy about this set design, I can't not pick up a base card when it becomes available.  There are still so many more timelines to do.

I'm also a sucker for reasonably-priced Tek patterns.  Somebody on COMC has a bunch of these on COMC right now for five buck each.  He's dreamin'.  These were less than $1.50 each, and that's where they belong.

I've been looking for a clean Diamond Pearls insert for a while.  It's a beautiful card, but the surfaces get damaged so easily in the pack.  I'm still not certain how I'm going to store it.  Should I risk the binder?

Okay, not a Junior, but a Griffey nonetheless.  This one won't be counted in the collection, but how could I pass it up?  It's stunning.

Cameos!  These are all different, and none of them are the regular base card.  Can you spot all the differences?

Finally, one of the great things about cameos is the cheap parallels.  Case in point: these two cards.

That wasn't 10% of the goodies I got, but I've got to save some for the set posts, don't I?

I know this entire post was essentially bragging.  I promise more actual content in future posts.


  1. Raising the price, and then countering with the original list price. That's pure douchebag move there. I would have called him out on it and told him to stick the card up his ass. He has every right to not accept the offer. Don't change the original selling price, and then make a counter offer like you are doing some favor, when you aren't.

    1. I totally agree with Jeff. What a d*ck move. I might have countered at $5.

  2. Quite the haul! Plus that seller was a dick for changing the price. At least you got the card you wanted.

  3. Nice ! I traded for that Photo Gallery insert 15 years ago, I really like that insert set. I had no idea most of those cards existed. The Tek sets are really confusing to me !

  4. Do I have that Griffey dirt relic card? I don't remember having his. It looks good!

    1. You have a card from this insert, but it's not the Griffey. I don't actually remember who it was. It sat atop your blog.

  5. Was the seller that raised the price Joelshitshow? That seller did that to me once. I was so furious!

    1. The seller was zpk35. I'm sure I've bought from joelshitshow before, but don't remember any specific problems with him.