Monday, August 11, 2014

One Man's Junk is Another Man's PC Gold: a Trade Post

While I'm all about trade packages bursting with Griffeys, I get just as excited by those with lots of variety such as the one Jeff of One Man's Junk sent my way.  The guy managed to hit nearly every one of my player collections.

Those two oddball Griffeys up there for example are numbers 1 and 2 of some set that likely has more than two cards in it.  They were both big set needs.  God, I love oddballs.

I'm one of the few people outside of the Angels fan community who collects Chuck Finley because I love supporting my fellow Louisiana boys.  Jeff found two appearances of the Chuckstache, including the infamous '87 Topps shot where he resembles Hi from Raising Arizona.

I get all excited about cards from the 80's which, as a Griffey collector, I kind of consider vintage.  That Fleer is one of those put-em-together half-card combo deals - not a massive miscut.  And how great is that blue sky on the 1980 Topps shot on the left?  Great card.

Am I the only Staubster in the blogsphere?  Is it a Mets thing?  People don't like the Mets?  These are real questions.

I'm seeing yellow!  I know there were a few PC needs here, but until I put together a proper list it's all a lot of guesswork.  Batting practice Grissom is probably my favorite here.

One of my first PC's.  We have an illustration of a bendy ball, and a photo of a bendy bat.

There's a massive sticker project on the horizon.  I don't know what it is yet, but you are all encouraged to send forth your Mariners stickers.  I'll think of something...

Jeff also sent a huge stack of Saints cards which I hoard for some reason.

We really miss Morten.  Here's hoping Shayne Graham gets us back on track between the uprights this season.

That's a Bobby Hebert rookie card in the middle.  I met Bobby a few weeks ago  Super nice guy, and bloody huge.

I've said it before: vintage football cards are the best.

And the rest.  This package was a lot of fun to thumb through.  Thanks again, Jeff!  I owe you some Angels...

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