Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kerr-ing is Sharing: a Trade Post

Kerry, author of Cards on Cards, is one of the first bloggers I ever traded with; and we continue to fire volleys of cardboard back and forth to this day.  Kerry lives in Portland where they have Voodoo Donuts.  So if you're ever unsure of what to send me, Kerry, I am a donut man.

Donuts or no, Kerry knows what I like (it's Griffeys), but I think he has access to a great variety of other cards because that's what I tend to find in his packages: variety.

I never get Jazz cards, so this was a big surprise.  I don't know who this dude is, but that shirt makes him look like a garbage man.  Appropriate for the New Orleans Jazz.  Anyhoo, I love it.

Some great Kittles from the downslope of his career.  I'll admit here that as I write this I am currently medicated for....reasons, so my wordsmithing is a hair lacking at the moment.  Do not let this disparage the greatness of Ron Kittle and his clean, shiny lenses.

The same goes for pre- and post-Chuckstache shots of Chuck Finley.  The glory days were just around the corner/just behind him on these two cards, in mustache terms, that is.

This card design is insane.  I'll admit that upon first viewing I thought the player's name was Panini.  That's a name plate, guys, not a good place for a brand name.  This is day one stuff.  Still, the new uniforms have grown on me.

Sharper was a legend here until the recent...unpleasantness.  Luckily a promising new rookie got his locally-iconic #42.  Here's hoping for a bright, rape-free future for that young man.

Thanks for the cards, Kerry!  I've been setting Cardinals aside for you every chance I get.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go lay in bed and watch Venture Brothers until I drift away into a drool-soaked mini-coma.  Have a great night!

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