Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jeepers Keepers

When it comes to Griffeys, I am the Statue of Liberty. “Give me your creased, your damaged, your dinged corners yearning to breathe acid-free archival storage media.” The same is true for a handful of player collections.

On the other hand, I am the freakin’ NSA recruitment board for everything else. The very few who make it past my several levels of security checks and personal evaluations eventually find themselves penny-sleeved and meticulously organized in a 5000-count card storage box.

I call these “Keepers.” I call the box – get this – the “Keeper Box.”

You may remember this box as the one I decorated with a bunch of cards. There has to be something really great about a card for it to make it into that box.

There are a few other levels of keeper-dom I maintain in addition to the big box. For example, I have a box just for cards with great photography:

Another for funny cards:

This one is where I keep any and all cards I can find from the first two sets of Fleer Metal Universe (I hope to build a set someday):

My box of super-nice keepers, those being cards that are too good for a modest penny sleeve:

Then I have this box that holds all my non-baseball cards, including Saints, football, basketball, a bunch of miscellaneous non-sports cards, and a few checklists and promotional/offer cards:

My oldest box, dedicated entirely to pumping out set after set of ’89 Donruss:

And finally, here is where I keep all my complete sets:

Back to the Keeper Box. Being that this is a Griffey blog, these cards never get the attention they probably deserve. For that reason I’m going to start a new feature, the Cavalcade of Keepers. These posts will feature a handful of non-Griffeys that deserve a scan and a snarky review.

So look out for that.


  1. Nice, seem to be pretty organized !

  2. Man, we are ridiculous people in a ridiculous little world, aren't we?

  3. Impressed with the organization. Not so much with the hordes of 1989 Donruss!

  4. Always love seeing glimpses into your collection. Awesome stuff.

  5. Impressed and jealous of your organization all at the same time. I'm getting there but still have a long way to go.