Sunday, February 9, 2014

Taking a Break From the Olympics to Write About Griffeys From Foul Bunt: a Trade Post

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I'm never sure how to begin a trade post, so I'll just say that William of the excellent Foul Bunt sent me a nice mixed bag of Juniors plus a few I needed. 

My favorite from the bunch is this cool later-year Topps insert I've never seen before.  I really dig the fun design here.

This is the quintessential mixed bag of Griffeys.  Here we hit lots of different brands, eras, and uniforms.  I love flipping through stacks of Griffeys that look like this.

This Looney Tunes card has all the qualities of an oddball for sure, but the set is made by Upper Deck and is so big that it practically demands recognition as a valid thing.  It's also strange that it contains only Junior, Senior, and Jim Abbott (apart from the cartoon characters).  This is one I didn't already have, so yay.  I have no strategy for finishing the set, but I feel like I must.

And the greatness of that Topps card cannot be denied.

You couldn't have a Junior without a Senior.  I'm often contemplated starting a collection for Senior, but I've never really committed to it.  For now my senior collection is very sparse and unofficial.  Perhaps someday, after I get all the Juniors, that is.

Thanks, William!  Love the new business cards!

Oh, shit.  The luge is on....

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  1. That Hobby Masters card is sweet. It seems like the tailored the design to fit Junior's swing. I wonder what other cards in the set look like.