Friday, October 7, 2016

The Great Griffey Frankenset: Page 18

Welcome to Page 18 of the Great Griffey Frankenset!

If you're not familiar with the idea of a frankenset, it is a customized set of cards properly sequenced by card number that all tie into a connecting theme. Some frankenset themes include whole teams, mini-collections, and even just generally great cards or photos. This is the first frankenset I'm aware of that is made up of just one player: Ken Griffey, Jr., the man of a million cards. I took the liberty of including things like inserts, parallels, cameos, and oddballs for the sake of variety and because it's just more fun that way. Enjoy!

Here is page 18 of the Great Griffey Frankenset:

Completeness of page: 9/9

Completeness of the Frankenset so far: 99% (161/162)

Team distribution so far: Mariners: 112/161 (70%), Reds: 44/161 (27%), White Sox: 2/161 (1%), No team indicated: 2/161 (1%)

Approximate retail value of this page: $39.00 ($3090.25 running total)

Page 18 Notes: Unfortunately this is the first Frankenset Friday you've seen from me since March. I have the whole checklist planned out well into the hundreds - I just don't have the time to put the actual posts together. Despite that, I had some free time tonight, so here is Page 18 only six months late! With this one we are doubling up the quantity of White Sox Griffeys in the set which means they now have the same number of Griffey cards in this set as cards with no team indicated. The pride is back!

Page 18:

154. 2006 Fleer Tradition #154

This is one of my favorite faux-throwback designs from Fleer Tradition. I love the use of the cap instead of the team logo.

155. 2014 Panini Prizm #155 Camo

Regardless of how you feel about Panini Prizm, the camo refractor is pretty cool and seems popular among collectors. Just don't drop it in the jungle.

156. 1990 Upper Deck #156

This one is all about the picture. It's also the card I think about when I think about why they call him The Kid.

157. 2000 Upper Deck MVP #157 Silver Script

I call these "surprise parallel," because it's not so obvious in a stack of cards as, say, a refractive camo pattern. I just remember noticing one day that this one had a signature on it and the others didn't. Boom: surprise parallel.

158. 2003 Victory #158 Laying it on the Line

A game card from the last year of Victory. This is not the best Victory card in this Frankenset, or even the best one on this page.

159. 2000 Victory #159

This is. They also made Junior a special card to celebrate his trade to the Reds and tacked it onto the end of the base set this year, but this shot of backwards-hatted Griffey at the Home Run Derby is just awesome.

160. 2009 Topps Heritage Chrome High Number Series #CHR160 #/1960

My favorite player on one of my favorite vintage designs with a big ol' smile done up in mirror-like chrome. I'm pretty psyched Junior got a card in this set with this high a number.

161. 2008 Upper Deck Timeline #161 1994 UD All-Time Heroes

There it is! A White Sox card! Only the second one in the Frankenset. Savor the flavor, guys, because there aren't many of these coming...

162. 2002 Upper Deck UD Authentics #162 (1989 design)

Finally, while I'd like to have seen an updated portrait instead of a run-of-the-mill action shot, I still love a throwback design from Upper Deck. Maybe we'll get more someday.

Here's the back of page 18:

Thanks for reading, and look for page 19 coming...ugh, Lord knows when.