Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baseball Cards and Also Some Naked Girls!!!1!

Now that I have your attention, if I owe you cards or have offered to send you anything via the blogs or e-mail and haven't produced, please let me know.  I've been cleaning out my old e-mails and finding SO MANY trades I've done with you guys, and I don't always remember sending something in return.  There are some thank-you e-mails for packages I don't remember sending which lead me to believe I probably keep up with things better than I thought.  This post is just in case a trade got lost in the mix.

A Junkie always pays his debts.

Now, for those of you just in this post for the title:

See?  Everybody's happy.


  1. I'm 99.9% sure that that girl has a few card sets solely focused on her out there.

  2. I think I sent you a couple Major League cards shortly after Archives was released, but by the time you got them you already picked up the set, so it was kind of a wasted mailing on my part. But yeah, you should send me a 89 Topps Gwynn or something as a symbolic gesture of completing the trade.

    1. Actually I only have three of the five regular cards (incl. the two you sent me). The other two I'm still after. I did buy a set of the jumbos, but I still totally want the regular 2.5x3.5 versions. Your mailing was not wasted! I've got few Gwynns set aside I hope you don't have...