Friday, November 1, 2013

Why I Want to Have a Beer With Dime Box Nick: a Trade Post

If Night Owl is the patriarch of the Card blogging community, Dime Box Nick is the overachieving kid brother.  The guy is an old soul with an infectious passion for even the basest of cards as well as the history of the game, and his writing style is downright heartwarming.  It's no surprise to me that he gets so many boxes of cards from his readers, but he always seems surprised when they arrive. If you've done any trading at all in this community I bet you have a stack set aside for him right now.

So when I get a trade package from Nick I get all excited at what could be in there.  Just look at all this loot:


This is a checklist, but it's pretty baddass for a checklist, am I right?  I love that M's logo (I put it on all my trade packages).

These Star cards look brand new which is not the case for most of the Star cards I've acquired over the years. 

A 2013 card + vintage Topps design + tongue appearance = excited me, and that Fleer insert is a beaut.

I still don't know where those '95 Leaf Opening Day cards come from.

I have this in the regular card size, but this is the over-sized version.

Nick also remembered my player collections, even the weird ones:

I'd never seen that Dairy Queen Team USA card.

I was in need of this Predictor; and that Finest card is a refractor, even on the back.

That's right, I collect Ron Kittle.  What of it?

This has been an unofficial PC of mine for some time.  It may be time to make it offical and add Buhner to the Players I Collect list.

Just a bunch of cool, unique cards.  That Cecil Fielder is a long-time favorite.

That is the most not-Christie-Brinkley cleavage I've ever seen on a baseball card, and I'm still not certain if that Gwynn card is for real.  It made me laugh out loud which is hard because I'm very cynical.

Thanks for the great cards, Nick!  You always send gold.  I have a nice stack of cards set aside for you that I'll send out on my next trip to the P.O.


  1. Thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoyed everything! It's good to see that at least one other person enjoys those '98 Pacific Online checklists.

  2. I don't think I've ever seen that '93 Leaf Will Clark. It's an awesome card.