Friday, May 16, 2014

An Eclectic Mix from Johnny's Trading Soot

I won a contest for sending Braves to John of Johnny's Trading Spot.  John sent my way a very unique mix of cardboard I wouldn't have thought to ask for. 

A nice chunk of what he sent was made of of Saints cards which are worth their weight in gold among drunken barfolk down here in the Big Easy:

I love Hoby Brenner - he was an excellent and underrated tight end for the 'aints back in the '90's.  And Bobby "The Cajun Cannon" Hebert can be heard on talk radio here in NOLA just about every day.  His accent remains thick and endearing.

These guys were playing right about the time I started paying attention to football.

I love vintage football cards almost as much as I love vintage baseball.  I wish I knew who half the guys are, but the hairstyles cannot be beaten.

As you may know from reading his blog, Johnny has quite an eye for unique and wacky cards.  Here are a bunch of fun ones he included:

This is among my favorite Reds cards of all time period.  What a great photo.

I'm also a huge fan of the Archives sets with that big gold stamp.  I miss that stamp.  I also miss that Mariners Trident logo.

I've never heard of that fellow on the top right, but one thing's for sure: my next gerbil is going to be named Pankovits.  I'm going to train him to make that face.

That Phelps-stache dominated every card that man was ever on.  He rocks it pretty hard, too.  The guy must have near-perfect facial topography to nail that look so perfectly.  I'm envious.

Best Rod Beck card ever.

I may end up putting that Sammy Stewart card in my wallet for when I need a confidence booster during the day.  It says, "Hey, man: you're doing great!  Keep it up!"  You just know he clicked his tongue when he made that pose.  There's no doubt in my mind.

Johnny also didn't disappoint on the Griffey front, including this sweet Victory contest card from right before the big move to Cincy.

Thanks a bunch, John!  I'll continue to hoard unique Braves for ya.

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