Friday, May 9, 2014

New PC Announcement: Marquis Grissom

It was recently pointed out to me by another blogger that I am difficult to shop for because there's not all that much I collect.  There are only a handful of players I collect (in addition to the obvious) and no entire teams or sets.  So over the next few posts I will be adding some new player collections to my repertoire.  If you spot someone in these posts you have a bunch of cards for, feel free to send them my way!

Current PC's:

Ken Griffey, Jr.
Will Clark
Chuck Finley
Rusty Staub
Ron Kittle
Vida Blue

New inductee: Marquis Grissom


I've been an unofficial Marquis collector for some time now.  I've found that somehow his cards always seem to come my way - lots of them.  It's high time I make it official.

Marquis Grissom was a consistent base-stealer and power hitter throughout his 17-year career, not to mention a totally classy fellow.  He got his World Series ring with the Braves in 1995 which is probably where I started pulling for him.  Oh, and he was never formally implicated in the use of PED's.  I got mad respek for Mr. Grissom.

And you can't deny - it's pretty cool that he's one of the very few players to get that hallowed 1990 Donruss Rated Rookie Rainbow.

Now if you look at Marquis' cardboard, he was just exciting enough a player to get some quality cards, but never such a sensation as to make those cards cost a fortune.  Here are a few bright spots from my collection:

He's also got a great scowl.  He had it when he was in the minors:

And he had it in the sunset of his career:

I feel like he always looked angry.  There was a time when I would go out of my way to get cards of Marquis smiling just because there were so few, and yet you see what he's doing on that card?  Signing autographs.  The guy does works with numerous little league teams as well as a charity to help parents in need.  He wasn't angry - he was modest.  Behind that scowl is a heart of gold, my friends.

Welcome to the collection, Mr. Grissom.

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