Friday, May 9, 2014

New PC Announcement: Jay Buhner

It was recently pointed out to me by another blogger that I am difficult to shop for because there's not all that much I collect.  There are only a handful of players I collect (in addition to the obvious) and no entire teams or sets.  So over the next few posts I will be adding some new player collections to my repertoire.  If you spot someone in these posts you have a bunch of cards for, feel free to send them my way!

Current PC's:

Ken Griffey, Jr.
Will Clark
Chuck Finley
Rusty Staub
Ron Kittle
Vida Blue
Marquis Grissom

New inductee: Jay Buhner

This one should come as no surprise as Jay was Griffey's right-hand man both in the outfield at the Kingdome and in life as you can see here.  He was also a huge fan-favorite in Seattle, a sentiment that continues to this day.

Buhner started as a Yankee, but we won't hold that against him.  He hit a respectable 310 home runs with a lifetime average of .254 in his 15-year career.  Once hit for the cycle during a 14-inning game in 1993.  Jay was as clutch a player as you could find.

Buhner got a lot of nice cards during his heyday with the M's.  His cards remain relatively affordable, but they are by no means cheap as he has a lot of fans out there.

Here are a few bright spots from my collection:

It seems Jay was always doing something funny with his mouth, a characteristic that was only amplified by his trademark goatee and bald head:

He was also the quintessential blue-collar baseball hero.

I mean how cool is this guy?  Don't you want to have a beer with him?

Welcome to the collection, Mr. Buhner.

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  1. That VJ Lovero Buhner is one of my favorite cards. I'd LOVE to have a beer with that guy.