Thursday, May 8, 2014

WILKommen to the 2 x 3 Heroes 80-cent PWE Trade Post Extravaganza

I got a PWE from Jeff of the excellent card blog 2 x 3 Heroes who found a dealer doling out Griffey oddballs for a nickel apiece!

I'm ambivalent here because while it is clear that the seller undervalues Griffeys, he also let them go for a nickel each much to the benefit of the change-toting Griffey enthusiast.

Check out all the value:

There are actually eight of these that Jeff sent, but I somehow missed one in the scan.  These are from the 1991 Playball set, and I know very little about them apart from the fact that designs within the same checklist vary greatly.

That one on the bottom left is the Gregg Olsen Topps Mini Superstar from 1990.  Junior is in good company with Nolan Ryan here, and in sticker form no less.

Speaking of stickers:

This card of Junior with Marquis Grissom came at a great time as you will see in an upcoming post.  Also I just bought this Glow Stars card from COMC like two weeks ago.  I'm kicking myself.

Thanks a lot for thinking of me, Jeff!  Of the cards in that PWE I needed two for the collection, and the rest are cards I see very rarely or only have singles of.  Excellent pickups, Jeff!  Good eye, good eye.

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