Sunday, July 27, 2014

2x3 Heroes PWE: Pog White Envelope

I got a gentle nudge from Jeff of the great 2x3 Heroes asking that I "get [my] ass back to [my] blog."  It was a coincidence, too, as I was just sitting down to start scanning some cards.  I've been really, really behind lately as I have been getting used to the new laptop running Windows 8.1, trying to make my HP6500 work with the new laptop (you'd think it would be simple), and trying to remove the forced use of iTunes from my life.  I'm making huge strides with all three, by the way, but these combined with two long trips and a car accident (not my fault, no one hurt, etc.) have put blogging on the back burner.

While I haven't been reading or writing much at all, I continue to acquire cards thanks to my blogging friends.  Here is the first in a series of posts looking to make it right with my trade partners who have sent me stuff even while I have been incommunicado in the blogsphere.

The above note is from Jeff.  I know this because Jeff's signature looks like "Jlo."  He always sends great stuff, too:

When I saw "pog" on the note I was thinking just a small, circular card; but this is an actual pog.  The thing that makes is a pog and not a small, circular card is that it makes no sense.  First we have the texture which is unscannable.  That's OK - lots of cool cards are unscannable, but this has almost a denim quality to it.  It's very liney, but not quite as much as this scan would have you believe.  Then we have the word "Hawaii" across the bottom there.  Why?  I don't know.  The only reason I can think of is that it's a pog, and you're not supposed to get it.  The little signature is cool, though.

Let's flip it over for a little explanation:

Okay, I see nothing about Hawaii.  It's a matte black with silver foil that reads "Signature Caps."  The signature I get because his signature is, indeed, on the front.  I don't know where caps come into play.  He's wearing a batting helmet on the front, and the reference to Hawaii remains unexplained.  At least we can take solace in that only 25,000 of these were made.

I poke fun, but this was a really cool surprise to get in the mail.  Pogs are stupid, but I freaking love it and all its mystery.  If anyone has any info about it, please pass it along.

I was delighted to see Griffey on this Topps design for 2014 Archives.  I'm trying to get Griffey on every vintage topps design through 1988, and I'm now only eleven years short.  Excellent picture, too.  Absolutely love this card.

And you can't go wrong with a pair of Bones.  This is just before he started with the famous goatee.

Thanks for the cards, Jeff, and the kick in the pants.  I will try and get back to my former regularity now that things are getting back to boring around here.

Have a great week!


  1. I was just about to send out a search party. Good to hear from you.

  2. If you search ebay, you can find a few listings with products having that Signature Caps logo on it. Never found any of them with that specific Griffey , though.

    And the Hawaii part? I have no clue about that.

  3. I don't know why this has stuck to me this long but when I was helping a friend run his booth at a comic book/toy show some guy who had a huge POG collection decided to take my captive attention (I was covering the table by myself at the time) to explain the grand history of POGS.

    The term originates from a Hawaiian game that was played by kids in the early 20th Century. In the 1970s a drink called "P.O.G.", which is made up of passion fruit, orange and guava juices, was released in Hawaii and somewhere along the line a connection was made between the old game and the juice so the marketing department decided to create promotional milk caps with their company's logo on it and started handing them out. Kids used the promotional milk caps to play the old pog game and POGs as we know it was introduced to school kids who began to collect them. It eventually spread to the mainland and the rest is history.

    Now imagine this story being told to you by a big greasy guy with a shirt to small for his frame and a binder full of pogs who spends the next half hour explaining the history of the POG craze and pointing out the value of each pog in his binder and you can imagine the Hell I was in and why it still haunts me 20 years later.

    1. There ya go - Caps and Hawaii, both explained. Thanks, Corky!

  4. Well i was at a yard sale an found some uncut sheets. They are topps and have a griffey jr in the mixed and a few others