Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Cardboard Mistress' Tricky PWE

This is from a PWE I got from Adam at My Cardboard Mistress.  I'll let his note do the talking:

He's right.

Both of these cards are tricky.  That 1992 Classic Best showing Junior in a pre-rookie uni used to throw me off all the time.  Back in the day I believed I had something really valuable until the day I noticed the big, honking "1992" emblazoned across the top.  Still, a unique card that was ahead of its time (and there are like five different versions, so I guess that concept was ahead of its time, too).

The Jimmy Graham card is a bit of a trickster, too, listing the star receiver on the card back as a tight end.  Nice try, every card brand in America.  This guy is clearly a wide receiver.  "That'll be millions of dollars, please." - Jimmy Graham (not really).

I poke fun, but I love the Graham card, and I do believe the guy deserves every dollar he can get out of this gig even though he is most definitely a tight end.  The guy's a beast, but that argument was unwinnable.

Thanks for thinking of me, Spankee!  Any other cool Saints cards you get, new or old, I'm definitely interested.

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