Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Pair of Holy Grails

You haven't heard from me much lately - I've been Spring cleaning, selling off my surplus of collectables on eBay like hotcakes to finance a new laptop.  Don't worry - no Griffeys were lost.  In fact I've picked up a bunch.  In lieu of the many, many necessary trade posts I owe to several generous bloggers out there, here's a pair of recently acquired Holy Grail cards I've been chasing for years:

I'm not just a Griffey collector - I also collect a few non-baseball guys like Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, and O.J. Simpson.  The most difficult collection to build, however, has been my Bill Murray collection.  Mr. Murray is a fan of the game and has owned several teams.  For that reason he's made it onto a precious few baseball cards.  This Salt Lake Trappers card is the crown jewel.

I decided a while back to keep quiet about my Bill Murray collection until I could land this card, and it on finally popped up on the 'Bay for more than a reasonable person would otherwise pay.  Just look at that picture.  It's Murray's '89 Upper Deck #1, his '52 Topps, his on-card-autographed 1/1 quad-patch with genuine hair relic.  Chivers, eat your hearts out.

Now what kind of Holy Grail post would this be without a Griffey?

I made a nice chunk of change on eBay in the last few days, so I thought I'd grab a little something just for me.  I may never have the dual-signature version, but at least I can say I was able to land this beauty.  It's even prettier in person what with the excellent blue-to-green background and perfectly rendered dipositions of both Junior and the Mick.  An amazing card to say the least.

I have a million other posts to write in the coming weeks, but I thought I'd share these two proud acquisitions to hold over any Junior Junkie...well...junkies of which I'm certain there are thousands.

Thanks for reading!


  1. That Bill Murray card is worth it at any price. Nice buy!

  2. Awesome pickups! I've always wanted to find a copy of that Murray.

  3. Wow! Those are incredible pickups!

  4. Love the Mantle/Griffey. Sweet card.

  5. Also meant to say glad to have found another Griffey collector. Though it looks like my collection is no way near yours lol