Monday, September 29, 2014

2 x 3 = 6: a Trade Post

Six awesome cards, that is.  Specifically in a PWE from Jeff of 2x3 Heroes.  Homie sends Griffeys my way with uncanny regularity, and he never disappoints.

The first two Griffeys shown here are both new collection needs.  There's an Upper Deck Heroes parallel #/399 and a Fleer insert I'd never even seen before pulling it out of the envelope.  

The rest are dupes, but they're excellent dupes.  Only three players had the honor of appearing on that sweet chromium refractor design, so I'm all about filling pages with 'em.  

The same is true about the mini-stickers.  I miss the childhood days of immediately peeling and sticking them wherever I could.  Maybe when I get a few more of these I'll do just that.  

And overproduced as it was, the '91 Fleer card is a fantastic photo.  It certainly has a home here.

One of my newest PC's, I hit the ground running by picking up a bunch of cheapies on COMC, but not this one.  It's all-new to me.  Vida had a very photogenic wind-up, didn't he?  It must be an A's thing because Eckersley had it, too.  Cool card.

Thanks, Jeff!  Great envelope as always!!

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  1. That Fleer insert was the back of a discount rack pack in Meijer's. I bought it only cuz of the Griffey I saw through the back, so I am glad it's the first one of it you have ever received.