Wednesday, October 15, 2014

He Made Me an Offer I Couldn't Refuse

Say hello to my latest and greatest acquisition: the 2012 Topps Gold Team Coin Autograph #GTC-KGJ #/30.  It's an excellent specimen of on-card autography, bright and shiny, rich in color, and larger than life.

You may have noticed it includes a heavy gold coin embedded right into the card.  At first I thought the coin may just be foil-stamped paper or aluminum (which is how they make Mardi Gras doubloons), bu this thing is a real heavy metal of some kind.  It's a very impressive card.

The card was originally won by Jason of the now-extinct Joe Average Card Collector.  You can still see the post he did when he won this baby here.  I commented on it back then with great jelliness.  Jason contacted me recently in need of some funds for an amazing baseball-related experience, and he sold it to me for far less than I would otherwise ever hope to get it for.

I don't want to overstep my bounds, but here's a picture Jason sent me of him sitting with the owner of his heritage team, the Colorado Rockies:

That's awesome, bro.  I'm glad I was able to help make that happen.  We miss you, Jason!  Thanks for the amazing deal!