Monday, February 23, 2015

Wallet Card: Griffey Goes to Mardi Gras Day 2 - Barkus and the French Quarter

Welcome back! This is day 2 of our week of Mardi Gras #WalletCard photos. Today's pictures are all from Sunday, February 8th when we went to the French Quarter to see the Krewe of Barkus.

One unchanging part of my Bourbon Street to-do list is to get a Hurricane at Pat O'Brien's. They also have the greatest piano bar on Earth.

St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square is the oldest continuously-operating cathedral in America. Photos do not do this place justice. It is massive.

Here it is nice and blurry from the middle of Jackson Square. See the horse's hooves? When two are in the air, the rider died in battle. When one is raised, the rider died due to injuries received in battle. All four on the ground mean the rider died of natural causes. We have a lot of horse statues in New Orleans.

Everybody brought their pets out.

Jackson Square shot from the Moonwalk.

This is where people go to look at the river.

From left to right that's the Westbank, the Crescent City Connection, the World Trade Center, the Aquarium of the Americas, and the Steamboat Natchez. If you look closely on the Eastbank you can see a couple cruise ships docked.

Jax Brewery which is more of a shopping mall now with multi-million dollar condos on the roof.

Confederacy of Dunces, anyone? These are delicious. Can you spot the Griffey?

Yes, we're on that end of Bourbon.

Yeah - don't eat these.

I know Bourbon Street doesn't look very busy right now (it was noon on a Sunday), but I assure you it gets a lot busier:

I did not take this. Just showing you how crazy it gets.

They misspelled "accordance."

Pacing. Not all of us have it.

That's the Cabildo on the right which is a fantastic museum of New Orleans and Louisiana history.

Hey, girl. Oh, wait. I mean....yeah. 'Sup, man?

The theme of Barkus this year was Star Wars, so you're going to see a bunch of guys like this.

Check out that costume! Jeff Wilk should appreciate this...

Oh, Barkus is a dog parade. Did I not mention that? It's a play on the famous Bacchus parade that rolls the following Sunday. Anyway, dogs. Expect them.

These prop planes were circling in formation all day long.


There were a few muggings in the Quarter the week before Mardi Gras (which is very much out-of-the-ordinary, believe it or not), so these signs started popping up.

That was it. Three Hurricanes later it was time to ride home (don't worry - I didn't drive).

Fun fact: while we were at Barkus in the French Quarter, the band Guster (who did a show the night before) showed up at our uptown parade spot and hung out with our group. They even peed at my friends' apartment. I consider it a missed #WalletCard opportunity.

Plenty more to come...!


  1. Dude, you are dedicated to the cause. Impressive.

  2. The area around Jackson Square may be my favorite part of town -- especially when it's French Quarter Festival time. I've been to FQF twice, and I really enjoyed it both times.

  3. You are killing it with the pictures. These are great!

  4. I see the 501st and Rebel Legion showed up from Bast Alpha Garrison and Tranquility Base (respectively).