Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wallet Card: Griffey Goes to Mardi Gras Day 3 - Druids and Nyx

Mardi Gras Week continues here with photos from Wednesday, February 11th when we saw the Krewes of Druids and Nyx.

This was the last streetcar to run down St. Charles before they shut down. The green ones run East-West on St. Charles Ave and the red ones run North-South, mostly on Canal St.

Our mounted patrol is pretty substantial, especially during Mardi Gras.

Still not up to its full potential, but getting there.

Lots of great shows during Mardi Gras. Aw, we missed Dank Sinatra!

Michelle made Twizzlers infused with Fireball and Vodka. She's very creative when it comes to alcohol. Also, that's a big ol' bag of wine.

Shriner cycles.

Shriner bugs.

The USMC color guard march almost every night. You can see the band behind them.

The Druid Tree of Life looks an awful lot like Groot.

This is new...

The Organ Grinders.

This is our guy, Matt. He's got a lot of love in him, and several Superior Grill Margaritas.

Remember her from the first Mardi Gras post? I told you I got her again!

Local legends, the Dixie Cups. They did a song called Iko Iko. It's a Mardi Gras staple.

Miss P.Y.T. and I had a moment.

These ladies have been marching since I can even remember, and I've been to 33 Mardi Gras. Those costumes have never changed, either.

The Muff-a-lottas - you might remember them from two posts ago.

These are the 610 Stompers, so named for the offshoot from Interstate 10 through the Northern part of the city. Their motto is "Ordinary guys, extraordinary moves." They're basically just a bunch of average dudes in little shorts who have their dance routine down. They do a lot of charity work and recently marched in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Super fun.

Their all-female support crew are called the Splits (named after the I-10/610 split at the Parish line). Our friend whose apartment we stand in front of is one of these, so we get to see her march by a lot.

I asked one of them to take a picture with the Griffey:

Then I asked him to "Look angry!"

Nailed it.

You'll see more of that guy later. Turns out he knows a lot of show tunes. Who'da thunkit?


  1. I like that the Griffey on your card isn't old enough to be drinking at these festivities.

  2. I love those ! and you'd think WE'd be the Mardi Gras kings...