Monday, March 2, 2015

Upper Deck Wrote an Article About My Little Wallet Card

Gavin's game of Wallet Card is really taking off.

A few weeks ago I was flooding Twitter with #WalletCard Mardi Gras shots when out of curiosity I began tagging each one with @UpperDeckSports. It wasn't long before Chris at Upper Deck contacted me for a few paragraphs and photos to showcase on their blog, I sent them a bunch of Mardi Gras pics as well as my favorite of the Aurora Borealis photos, and I wrote a quick run-down about the (short) history of Wallet Card and what Mardi Gras was all about.

It went live today, and you can read it here.

Not all the Wallet Card history stuff made it into the article (sorry, Gavin - I did mention you, bro), but it's fun seeing the photos on another blog. Kudos to Upper Deck for embracing and celebrating what their collectors are up to. This is just another reason I still support them and their quarter century of making great cards.

Also, it looks like I may have the opportunity be a part of a Griffey-related project with Upper Deck in the near future. I won't say too much about it yet until things get confirmed, but it's going to be out of this world.


  1. Very cool ! Let's just hope they understand it's a hobby thing, and not an Upper Deck thing (and I wish they'd kept the "sup girl" jpeg)

  2. Dude, very well done! Congrats on this.

  3. That is really cool to be appreciated and covered by a card company.