Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Special Delivery: a Trade Post from the Delivery Room

Labor can be a long and drawn-out process - at least that's what it is today. So I'm taking advantage, pragmatist that I am, of all this spare time to bang out a trade post.

But first, check out this expensive-looking piece of equipment:

Anyhoo, let's look at some sweet hits I received from Kevin, the Card Papoy

Kevin's trade packages are always rooted in quality over quantity; and as much as international shipping costs these days, who can blame him? Still, even knowing this, I was bowled over by this awesome dual relic of my second-favorite catcher Javy Lopez. I wasn't following the game so much when he was in Baltimore, but I love that bright orange swatch.

Here's another one of my favorite 90's Braves, Marquis Grissom, who's had a ton of autograph issues in the past couple of years. I suppose he's a good mid-level auto hit for brands to throw into the mix. They can't all be Ripkens and Griffeys. Lucky for this particular card, it found its way to a big Grissom fan.

Kevin remains my #1 source for my hit-only King Felix PC. Plus the swatch is green, instantly making this card one of my favorite relics of his.

Excellent trio of cards, Kev! It was worth the two tries it took to get this envelope to me!

The famously generous Wes, aka Jaybarkerfan, aka President of the #Supertraders, breaks all kinds of product across just about every sport; so I literally never know what he's going to send. For example, here are a bunch of cool new Saints cards.

Not to mention a brand new T.J. for the T.J. collection, and in the form of a jersey relic, no less. Check out the colors on this one.

If I was going to have a football PC, Drew Brees would probably be my first choice. Here's a cool, logo-bearing modern Donruss card from Panini.

I've also been thinking about starting a PC from Mr. Griffey here. I'm only kidding of course. In reality I have a serious problem the depth of which I hide from my friends and loved ones. And look: oddballs!

Not one, but TWO Javy relics from early-2000's Upper Deck. I am loving this outer space design.

Finally, Mr. Holt is a rookie currently with the Reds. He's a power hitter with a solid average in the minors. I would research a little more but a machine just started beeping here in the delivery room. Better see what's up. Next time you hear from me, it will likely be between feedings. Thanks for the awesome card stack, Wes!  Hope you like your imminent #Supertrader package!


  1. The expensive piece of equipment makes me think of an old Monty Python sketch... Hope everything goes well!

    1. You mean the machine that goes "ping?" We have two of those!

  2. Congrats dude, hope everything goes well!

  3. The Baby Warmer! I remember it well.

  4. Congratulations on the newest Griffey collector, I hope your wife's labor goes quickly and safely and your little bundle is healthy.

  5. awww I'll be forever associated with the birth of your baby. My heart melts. Glad you enjoyed those few well deserved cards !