Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cardboard Collections 2014 Donruss Group Break Booty

Colbey at the great blog Cardboard Collections hosted a group break for 2014 Donruss, and being a Donruss nut I was quick to join in and nab the M's for the chance to land a few needed Griffeys.  I did alright, too:

I love that they did this insert.  People are complainy about the Donruss rehash, but this card saved the group break for me.  I'm a little upset about the fact that they didn't include the lines in the black side borders that were in the original '89 DK design; but I've never seen this shot of Griffey before, and that's more than I can say for most modern Topps Griffey cards.

I also nabbed a pair of Junior base cards.  Now don't get upset, but I don't hate the design as much as some.  It's different while still being Donruss-esque, the big borders frame up the photo nicely, and I even like the way they did the city name.  Plus I'm a big fan of Panini bringing back that great early-80's logo. 

Also the Rated Rookie logo is back.  I love that logo.  Rate away, Panini.

This is one of each of the Mariners I ended up with.  It's weird seeing Cano in a Seattle uniform (despite there not being any logos on it).  I sent these base cards to Larry at Emerald City Diamond Gems to help him keep up with the influx of new Mariners base cards.  Stay with it, Larry!

The Marlins were my random team.  This seems to happen a lot.  I have reams of Giancarlo Stanton cards I don't know what to do with.  I did get a little lucky:

The Marlins ended up with one of the few hits of the break, an attractive "Game Gear" relic insert.  Sure, his head got a little chopped - it's still a good-looking card.

Now you may be thinking: "Junkie, you're usually much more critical than this.  Why all the niceness for this unpopular rehashing of a dead brand?"  Well, I'm not sure.  Maybe it's my love for Donruss or my desire to see Panini succeed and possibly get a license.  Or maybe it's that I got to do this today:

I defy you to do the same and try to find fault with anything the rest of the day.  It can't be done.


  1. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

  2. Have you checked out OpenChecklist or the Kid's cards? I'm sure it doesn't have everything listed, but it has more than 9,000 cards, so it's a good starting point!

  3. I had no intention of buying any Donruss (if a card doesn't have logos, it better be coming out of a cereal box), but that '89 styled Griffey just changed my mind. I also like the '87 style borders. I'm not going wild, but definitely a pack or two.