Friday, March 21, 2014

Jump-Starting the Junior Junkie Jalopy + a gcrl PWE

A few weeks ago my wife decided we are going on a cruise of the Eastern Caribbean.  She picked the week after Mardi Gras, and thank goodness for that.  MG is exhausting what with all the planning, preparation, grocery store visits, crazy hours, and facilitating of house guests.  Anyway, this means that after the two-week Mardi Gras hiatus I missed yet another week of blogging.

I also missed some trade e-mails, a couple of fantasy baseball invites, and a high school reunion.  At this rate March of 2014 is set to be my driest month on record in the way of posting and trading and really being a responsible member of society in general.

Now I'm in the process of trying to post regularly again.  I've recently completed two large-scale additions to The Great Griffey Base Card Project with the Design Timelines for Topps Chrome and Fleer Flagship, and I have a few trade and group break posts on the way.  I've also landed some amazing new 2014 Griffey cards I can't wait to show off.

I'm happy to report that despite my inactivity, the cards keep coming.  It’s pretty cool that I can more or less drop off the face of the Earth for an extended period, and my blogger friends still send me cards.  When we returned from the cruise I had a PWE from Jim at gcrl waiting for me.

This 1969 Topps Staub is an airbrushed vintage beauty.  As a Griffey guy, there’s not much vintage that passes through these hands.  What little does gets handled like the Dead Sea Scrolls.

I don't know what Chuck looks like these days, but there is no way those locks could ever succumb to male pattern baldness.

And here is a trio of fine mid-90's Griffeyness.  I'm a total sucker for cards with rainbows.

Thanks for thinking of me, Jim!  I'm sure I have something in the pipeline for you...


  1. I've never seen that Upper Deck Griffey before.

    1. It's the Reggie Jackson collection from '93 Upper Deck. Good-looking set.

  2. (Seriously) That Rusty rocks!

    (Not so Seriously) For a second, I thought it was a rare 2014 Donruss parallel since it's logoless... but I quickly figured out my mistake when I noticed it said Expos. If this was a Panini card, it would just say Montreal.