Saturday, April 4, 2015

January Card Show Booty

My regular Griffey Guy was not at the January card show, but I still managed to come home with a whopping three new-to-me Griffeys! This does not happen often.

These gold cards were popping up left and right in the early 90's, and I think they were commanding pretty high prices at the time. Lucky for me that's not the case any longer. I scored this one in a signature slab for a measly sawbuck.

One of the dealers is an avid box-buster, and he gave me this Heritage stamp topper for two dollars. I'm still not certain what it's supposed to be exactly, but the stamps look nice. And in addition to having Ichiro and King Felix on it, there's a cool illustration of a pitcher mid-wind-up the vintagey-ness of which makes the Mariners logo look uttery out of place. Still, the good outweighs the questionable here.

The final Griffey of the day came from this oddball rookies set that featured a slew of pretty big names. The biggest of all?

Where has this card been all my life? Sure, it's a little shadowy, but the sun shining off that helmet? The 80's-style Seattle "S?" The smile? This is a truly excellent early Griffey.

With few Griffeys to flip through, I ended up with a few other cards for players I don't normally buy. These are the kinds of cards I assume Nick finds in his dime boxes all the time. While not Griffeys, Rickey's impossible push-up and one very shiny Big Unit were the best of the rest.

Thanks for reading about the card show I went to three months ago. I should take this moment to introduce my new slogan:

The Junior Junkie: I'll get around it it at some point


  1. Never seen that Tino. His hat has a mesh back! Hilarious. What a hipster.

  2. Nice purchases. The Heritage stamp box topper is awesome!

  3. I've got a silver Griffey similar to that gold. A birthday present from my mom and dad when I was about 9 or 10. Cool stuff.