Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kerry Touches 'Em All: a Trade Post

Kerry from Cards on Cards sent me one very well-rounded trade package a few weeks back, and it's time you heard about it.

First up is this new-to-me gold version of a really excellent Junior from his comeback days with the Reds. Just a beautiful shot of the patented Griffey swing mid-connection. Classic Kid.

This one has the look and feel of an oddball, but it somehow isn't. Noticeably flimsy, these are tough to find in good condition. Most specimens I've come across have at least one soft corner. The one Kerry sent is stone mint. Into the binder it goes.

This thing is so long it couldn't be scanned in full. While I have the cut version of this Ron Kittle, this uncut strip is completely new. Now to find a safe way to store it...

Kerry had these to send for my set-building efforts, including a few for my rarely-touched 2013 want list. That Todd Frazier on top is one of the best cards in the 2014 set. Perfect photo.

This was a surprise. I've been two cards short of completing this Kay Bee Kings set for years. Now all I need is the Puckett. Good eye, Kerry. Good eye.

And a bunch of Hornets cards. We've got a playoff run brewing this year, folks! Probably not a good one, but people are excited. Personally I pretty much completely avoid basketball unless I'm captive in a bar that's showing it, but I like the cards. They are by far the sweatiest genre of sports cards to be had.

Thanks for the great package, Kerry! As usual, all my Cardinals are belong to you.

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  1. The Griffey was a Listia pickup. Listia money is like Monopoly money to me, and it wasn't that "expensive". I was just happy to find a Griffey you actually didn't have yet.