Saturday, December 29, 2012

I spent Christmas money on packs and packs and packs....


I bought a bunch of packs of baseball cards today with Christmas cash.  Wanna hear about it?  Here it goes.....

Got a box of 2012 Topps for ya here:

Lots of horizontal cards, which I like.  Check out the ball on that Josh Hamilton for example.....

Erick looks to be turning a double-play.  And that Kyle Blanks is a beautiful card I saw on another blog just yesterday I was very excited to pull.

Also some sparklies:

I don't actually know who any of these guys is.  Trade fodder, I guess, but they look really cool.  I also got some AMAZING inserts:

My second Koufax insert in so many days.  And some other guy who apparently played for the, wait lemme check.....ah, Yankees apparently and was quite good at baseball.


Who doesn't love Barry Larkin?


I think Paul Molitor doesn't get enough respect.  Possibly because he is Canadian.  Well, that is anti-Canuckism, and I won't stand for it.

Also, this was a Mr. October-heavy day because you only get one patch card per box, and mine was:

with a young picture of the man himself.  Really enjoyed this one.

I bought a repack box too.  It yielded:

Another card of that Mackey Mintle guy.  According to Beckett he was very popular at some point.  And a sweet double-play pic on the other card.

That Rirruto is tiny, and flippin' sweet.  And the Harmon Killebrew will also find a spot in the binders.

Have I mentioned that I've been amassing quite the collection of presidential cards?  Well......

This beast will make a nice addition.  And it's #16 - isn't that cute?

I also got 3 older packs, one of '88 Fleer:

Can't argue with a Kittle.  And here's the back of that sticker:

I've seen a lot of sticker cards in my time, and they're usually just trivia or even a blank back.  This one is like a real card.

And here's the last pack.  It was '89 Fleer:

WHAAAAAA!?!  The second pack-fresh Griffey in so many days!  This hasn't happened since high school!  And a rookie no less, in mint condish,  I am one happy camper.  Plus you have Will the Thrill who graduated from my high school (many years before me, of course), and Smoltz who I pulled from a 2012 pack just yesterday.

These were my favorite cards in the lot.  The Mantles, Koufax and Reggies were also pretty sweet.  And I was crazy excited over that Kyle Blanks.  All in all, a great pack break.

Practically all these are up for trade as per usual when a card doesn't have Griffey on it.  I have lots of others too.  Maybe I should make a list.

Happy Friday!

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