Monday, February 25, 2013

Wallach the Waxcaptain Order: a Trade Post

It was a wild weekend on the trading front.  Wanna see?

I got this in a trade with Victoriano over at Waxcaptain's Dugout.
Disregard the bunny hair.
I've gotten a couple of these in packs and haven't been really impressed with them, but this one has sold me.  Great looking card and set. 

Of course, it could be argued that I'm somewhat biased.

Waxcaptain is now looking for all the Topps cards, so if you have a surplus, I'm sure he could use them.  Thanks, man!

I'm gonna eat your phone charger and get away with it.

 [I would also like to take this opportunity to address an issue with my scans.  My wife got us a pet bunny last year who we named Dumpling.  She is about to turn 1, and she is already huge.  We love her, but she sheds profusely; and while we do a pretty good job of keeping the house fur-free, the errant hair stuck to my hand from much petting does find it's way to the glass of the scanner.  I've noticed a few Dumpling follicles in my Griffey card scans, and the one you see above that you pretty much can't miss is definitely the biggest yet.  Going forward, if you spot a bunny hair in a scan, make a wish.]

I sent Tim Wallach some Tim Wallachs, and he sent the Junior Junkie some Juniors.  No surprises, please:

1995 Leaf! - can I get a "what, what?"

According to Panini, trading doubles of stickers with your friends is fun.  This should be ammended with "but hoarding doubles of Griffey stickers forever is way more fun." 

Wallach guy is good people - send him your Wallachs.  All of them.

Tom from The Angels in Order sent me a mean pile of Griffeys that looked like this:

There were a few I've never seen and a few more I knew right away I didn't have.  Here are the ones that really stood out:

I remember Fun Pack having a few heat-reactive cards, but that one on the top right looks like a flagship Upper Deck insert.  Also, I had all the Griffey Crash the Game folding inserts except that one, so it was a nice surprise.  Plus the Ultra Stars is a gold parallel I was missing, and how cool is that sparkly sticker in the center?  Awesome. 

Aw, wait - there's more?

These are all new to me as well.  I was very excited to find that 2000 Aurora showing Griffey doing a press conference with his new team, the Reds!  Never seen that one, and I love these press conference cards.

So yeah.  Great stuff, Tom!  Thanks a bunch!

And finally, The Underdog Card Collector and I have begun trading negotiations.  He asked that I not send anything just yet, but he wanted to get something to me first.  I like that!

Anyway, he claimed it was a card I didn't have, so I was eager to see what it was.

OK, cool.  I always loved this card.  The forced smile, the turtleneck, the airbrushed M's logo, and who doesn't love a bizarre brand card?  Post, Burger King, Big Mama's Discount Auto Parts and Hairnets - these thing were popping up everywhere in the overproduction era, and they're super collectible.

Sadly I have like 9 of these; so while I love duplicates, I wasn't blown away.......until I turned it over and BLAM!

Say whaaaaaaaaaa?????

Yep, a super-baddass error card!  I most definitely do NOT have this!  I was very vocal about my excitement.  Luckily my wife was not home at the time, though the bunny probably got a little creeped out at the sight of my awkward-white-guy happy dance.

Strangely enough, this is not the first time I've seen Junior and Abbot together on the same card.  From the Griffey binders:

Crazy, right?

Well done, Mark!  You got me. 

I'd like to disregard your suggestion that I not send anything in return, but I cannot for the life of me decipher the return address on this envelope.  That's some doctory handwriting you got there!  Here's my best guess:

The Underdog Card Collector
7Ew Fluximp Plaza
FLicknanrny, Buggymuggz Z4%#L

Is this right?  I'm kidding, of course.  We like to keep things light over at the Junior Junkie.  It was reasonably legible, but I'd rather be sure, so please e-mail it to me!  I'll send you something cool.

Thanks everyone for the awesome trades!


  1. I was worried that bunny hair was actually a big crease, glad to see that it's just a hair (and not one of yours).

    Oh, and that's actually Zach's address, Google Map it and its an abandoned unicorn farm next to a pet cemetery at the end of a double rainbow. Looks like something out of a warped Lisa Frank notebook.

  2. Shoot me an email nosaint44atyahoodotcom. I have a couple things Jr you will want. Larry

  3. Your welcome and thanks for the shout-out. I got worried at first and thought that was a big crease in the card. Glad it got to you in good condition.

  4. Glad you found some you needed. That heat sensitive may have been from a redemption set, I cant recall. And that Abbott on the back of the Griffey is awesome! I'll have to look for another one, plus the Comic Ball Abbott for my Jim Abbott collection, never seen that before.

  5. Hahaha! Nice work, guys.

    Indeed, when you see the double rainbow starting to look like a triple rainbow, make a hard left to La-La Land, and I'll be there with Big Tony and The Kid, waiting to great you. It's a cardboard and San-Diego-Winning-Teams kind-of-a-place. A happy place. We'll be there singing Russian LoLoLoLoLoLoL songs from the 70's together, in harmony.

    ...I should be banned from writing implements...

    Glad you liked the card. At this point I can't even remember what blogger forwarded that sweet card on to me (shameful, but you should see my mailbox on a daily basis!), but it belongs with the Junkie, glad as I was to have some time with it.

    That "Batty Practice" card rules the land.'d you know I love unicorns?!

    The Underdog Card Collector

    Dwelling amongst unicorns and rainbows at:
    7Ew Fluximp Plaza
    FLicknanrny, Buggymuggz Z4%#L

  6. We've been thinking about taking a trip to Buggymuggz to watch the leaves change. I hear it's beautiful.

    I would have rescanned that Griffey without the bunny-hair crease, but then how would I get around to showing off my cute-ass bunny?

    Got another PWE in today with a lovely Chipper in it. Wish I'd waited a day to make this post....