Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wallet Card Wednesday: Animal Farm Edition

Farms are exactly like Farmville only real and covered in dirt. I spent some time on a farm recently, and you better believe I took my Wallet Card along. So grab your pitchfork and dirty straw hat because there are a lot of Wallet Card pics in this here rodeo. It's about to get all field trip up in this piece:

I always imagine deer as jumpy and scared of humans, but these guys were highly sociable not to mention adorable.

There's a farm cat in this picture if you look. And even if you don't look.

This one is actually a dog, specifically a farm dog.

Chickens, too. The whole farm deal.

There ya go. The rumors were true: chickens poop eggs.

Nice work, ma'am.

Check out this dude's sweet bangs. He's like an emo Mr. Ed. Or Bowie as a horse.

This guy is a Zedonk which is a donkey/zebra hybrid – take a look at his stripey legs. He was the most skittish of all the animals we hung out with, so I didn’t get too close. He’s also the most exotic animal ever wallet carded as far as I know…

As you can see I've gotten pretty laissez-faire when it comes to what happens to this card.



  1. I was expecting this to be about George Orwell. You keep dominating the WalletCard scene. Well done once again.

  2. That Zedonk (which btw sounds better than Donkbra or bodonkadonk ) Is just creepy.Someone's gonna have to go to Mars with their wallet card to have any chance of competing with you,my friend.Great visuals ;)

  3. Some Wallet Card posts are more equal than others!

  4. Great stuff! And yes, the zedonk is an affront to God's creation.

  5. I think about pulling out wallet card at places, and then I just say..."Why bother?...."